Orem’s Best Pizza Hotspot

May 15th, 2013

“When the moon hits your eye like a big-a pizza pie that’s amore.” Sound familiar? Well, here at Pizzeria 712 we know people love our pizza. As Orem’s best pizza joint, we want to invite you to come to come try one of our big pizza pies!

There are several reasons why people rant and rave about our restaurant. We believe it comes down to the people we work with, the local family farmers. Whenever possible we strive to use only ingredients that come from locally owned farms.

Why you might ask? Because the ingredients are better for you and they taste better! Not to mention we love our neighbors and want to support them.

As part of this, we never push an out of season ingredient. It’s just bad taste. Get it? Our menu changes throughout the year to accommodate for this!

Maybe I’m bias, but I believe it is our atmosphere that sets us apart. It’s a pizza place. We have something for everyone. Pizzeria 712 is the perfect destination for a hot date or a family outing.

The kitchen is open for everyone to watch. We encourage you to ask our chefs questions. They are just as passionate about your dining experience as you are!

When the weather allows, our outdoor dining patio is delightful. There is nothing like eating locally grown delicious food in a beautiful outdoor setting.

All of this combines to make for Orem’s best pizza restaurant. So when the moon hits the sky and you feel like a big pizza pie you know where to come. With Pizzeria 712 it’s amore.

Pizzeria 712
Pizzeria 712 is the best pizza place in Orem. We use only the best locally grown ingredients to make our pizza fresh and delicious every time.
320 South State Street