Gourmet Dining and Pizza in Utah

January 23rd, 2013

When you think of gourmet dining in Utah, you may feel like it’s a somewhat loaded term.

Usually you think of waiters in tuxedos (bonus points for coattails), candle-lit tables, and a gourmet menu that has all kinds of nice-sounding dishes that make you drool in anticipation. As you try to order, you get nervous because you don’t know the difference between a carbonara and quadratini, and there aren’t any pictures on the menu for you to help you cheat.

After you order, you probably sit there and wonder why you have over half a dozen utensils surrounding your plate (you only need one fork, maybe two if you have a salad!). It’s a time for celebration once your waiter finally brings your food to the table, but you probably have one very serious problem: you also have to worry about not spilling on your dry clean-only outfit when your food finally does arrive.

Got a pretty decent mental image now? Seems like a bit of a hassle, doesn’t it? Not that it isn’t fun to get all dressed up in your best threads with your friends or that special someone to go out to a super fancy restaurant. It totally is! But it’s still not the most convenient option for eating out.

Well, as far as gourmet dining in Utah goes, there’s a superior alternative to the black tie dress code venues. It’s here, at Pizzeria 712.

You see, pizza isn’t just cheese and tomato sauce on a crust. It’s much, much more.

Here, you get the full experience. You can walk into our restaurant and feel a warm, cozy atmosphere, complete with an open kitchen so you can see how our chefs make your order (you can even talk to them). And you can leave the glitzy jewelry and cufflinks at home, if you’d like; casual dress is totally fine here. Plus, all of our ingredients are locally grown and our menus vary by season to reflect that, so you can have a different-yet-familiar experience every time you come.

Gourmet dining in Utah? We have that covered. Drop by when you get the chance. We’ll keep our oven warmed up for you.